Quote Assignment

On September 12, 1962 President John F. Kennedy made an address about space efforts. The address took place at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Kennedy’s speech addressed the efforts that the United States of America is taking in the race to space.

Kennedy stated that over the last few years that world has changed and advanced at a very rapid pace and as the world advances it also creates new problems and dangers. Kennedy feels that we cannot afford to wait to get into the race to space. He feels we need to become involved now. He states that, “this country was conquered by those who moved forward—and so will space.” He makes the point that if the United States wants to be a leader among nations, then we cannot afford to sit out of space efforts. Kennedy’s goal for the United States is to go to the moon.

Another reason Kennedy is pushing for the United States to join the space race, is because the industry “has created a great number of new companies, and tens of thousands of new jobs.” Kennedy went on to say that the surrounding regions and the state of Texas would greatly benefit from the space related industries. Also, because of the race to space, the space budget has become much larger than it has been in years past. Kennedy states “that the budget now stands at $5,400 million a year . . .” Along with an increase in budget, Kennedy has also given the space efforts high national priority. He feels that in order for the United States to really get involved in space efforts we need to expand our budget and be bold.

Kennedy believes that the space efforts will accomplish great things and that many of these things will happen in the decade of the sixties.

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